Corfu Town Attractions
Corfu Town Attractions
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Τhe island of Corfu has it all; in other words is the place you want to explore right now.

Travelers head to Corfu, especially during the summer months, in order to discover and relax on the island’s beautiful beaches and enjoy unforgettable views to the sea. Nature lovers wish to explore the natural environment of Corfu with vast olive groves and lots of hiking trails. There are also great options for visitors who want to go on boat trips or excursions organized every summer in Corfu – Corfu has it all. This island is ideal for every type of traveler, for those who seek relaxation or people who are party hungry. Whoever aims to learn more about the history and culture of Corfu, then Corfu town, a landmark itself, is the top destination.


The island of Corfu bursts with historic sites, attractions and places of cultural significance, attracting thousands of visitors each year. If you wish to experience something new or you travel to Corfu for the first time, do not miss the chance to visit top sites and attractions recommended.
Corfu Town Attractions


The island of Corfu is the ideal destination for beachgoers. Beaches are everywhere: sandy beaches and shingles, crystalline waters and entertainment opportunities. Most of the beaches offer safe swimming conditions, being ideal for families with children. Corfu is a unique destination for travelers seeking sun and relaxation on the beach.

Things to do

There is always something to do and see in Corfu that you will be excited about. Almost everywhere there are plenty of entertainment opportunities while there are offers for boat trips, tours and excursions that will make you learn more about the island of Corfu and the neighboring islets.
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