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Traveling to Corfu is a great opportunity to discover the history and culture of this place through the magnificent buildings, mansions and historic sites.

“The island of Corfu” was firstly described in Homer’s Odyssey. The long-suffering Odysseus was shipwrecked on the island where the daughter of King Alcinous, Nausicaa, found him on the shore and then the hospitable Pheakes helped him go back to his homeland Ithaca.

Corfu was occupied in 1836 by the Venetians. In 1537, the raid of the Turkish pirate Barbarossa on the town of Corfu had as a result the destruction of the island. Other Turkish attacks in 1571 and 1573 forced the Venetians to build the new fortress. The most threatening Turkish attack took place in 1716, when a strong Turkish fleet came to the island and was defeated by the united front of the natives and the Venetians. According to legend, the attack was prevented by the patron saint of Corfu, Saint Spyridon and therefore a procession of his relics takes place on August 11th annually. On October 17th 1797, Corfu became a part of the French state and Napoleon Bonaparte came to the island as a liberator. In the central square of Corfu, he burned the “Libro d’ oro”, a golden book which included the names and privileges of the Nobles and planted a tree as a symbol of liberty.



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It is extremely difficult to describe Corfu and what this island offers just in a few words. We can though assure you that this island is the place of excitement. Being one of the truly great holiday destinations, Corfu is a place with significant history and diverse cultures, top attractions either concerning the natural environment or history and amazing beaches affording superb views. Finally, highlights include the vibrant nightlife and the delicious local cuisine.


Corfu town by night

It does not matter how you feel when you arrive on the island of Corfu, since there is always something to do and see that you will be excited about. Almost everywhere in the town of Corfu, there are plenty of entertainment and nightlife opportunities. Offering a wide variety of bars and night clubs, you will surely find a place that will fulfill your requirements for spending your night and have fun.

Corfu Cuisine

The island of Corfu, Greece is famous for its local cuisine consisting of certain dishes either with beef or fish and local dishes combined with new ideas and innovative mix of products. Every visitor will be able to savor the unique tastes of Corfiot dishes at a modern restaurant or a traditional taverna – there are lots of them dotted around the town centre of Corfu.



The island of Corfu is the ideal destination for beachgoers. Beaches are everywhere: sandy beaches and shingles, crystalline waters and entertainment opportunities. Most of the beaches offer safe swimming conditions, being ideal for families with children. Corfu is a unique destination for travelers seeking sun and relaxation on the beach.