Corfu Town Attractions
Corfu Town Attractions
Corfu Town Attractions
Corfu Town Attractions

Corfu Old Town

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The old town of Corfu reflects the magic of the history of the island.

The old town of Corfu is situated in the capital of the island, which consists of the old town and the new town center. The old town contains various buildings, mostly of the style of the Venetian architecture, built across an amazing setting. It boasts a rich history and unique cultural identity of great significance not only for locals but also for foreigners. It is notable, that the old town of Corfu was the place where most of the major events concerning Corfiot history occurred in the past.

Ιn the old town there is a number of churches and constructions of great aesthetic and architecture.

While wandering through the maze-like alleyways of Corfu town you will have the chance to admire iconic historic places, museums, monuments, fortresses, including the Old and New Fortress as well as churches, for example the Church of the patron Saint of Corfu, Saint Spyridon, featuring the highest bell tower at the old town’s center.


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  • 2,6 km from Corfu Mare Hotel
  • 2,7 km from Mon Repos Palace
  • 100 m from St. Spyridon Church
  • 11,3 km from Achilleion Palace
  • 4,5 km from Vlacherna monastery

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