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Paxos & Antipaxos islands and Blue Caves

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The green island of Paxos covered with olive and cypress trees.

According to legend, Paxos was formed when Poseidon severed the tip of Corfu with one mighty blow of his trident and dragged it south to create an idyllic retreat for his love, Amphitrite. Nowadays, while approaching Paxos and entering the narrow channel which leads us to the picturesque port of Gaios village, you will enjoy the beautiful views of two islands: Panayia and Agios Nikolaos. Moreover, you can have the chance to visit the Blue Caves, where the clear emerald blue waters are awe-inspiring.

Antipaxos island with the Caribbean-style beach.

Close to Paxos island is situated the breathtaking island of Antipaxos, with Caribbean-like waters. Here you will have the opportunity to swim and snorkel in the crystal waters of  ‘’Paradise Beach’’ (Voutoumi).