Corfu Town Liston Square
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The Esplanade and Liston

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The amazing Esplanade, situated between the old town and the Old Fortress and the arcade of Liston at the old town of Corfu are totally must-see.

Corfu town, one of the loveliest places in Greece and a top destination, features the famous Esplanade, situated between the Old Fortress, having been built by eminent Venetian architects and the widely-known Liston, where you may find numerous restaurants, cafeterias and bistros. The old town and Liston are the places where locals meet throughout the year and the first spot that travelers visit and admire when arriving on the island of Corfu. Do not miss the chance to wander around the Esplanade and relax at a cafeteria or restaurant at the arcade of Liston, enjoying the people going by.

Esplanade and Liston –the top attractions of the old town center.

The grassy surface of Esplanade is the perfect place for soaking up the sun during the warmer days of the summer months. To the north of Esplanade you will have the chance to admire the spectacular structure of the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, which nowadays houses the one-of-a-kind Museum of Asian Art.

Corfu Town Liston Square

Discover this unique place for enjoying unforgettable holidays on the island of Corfu.

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  • 3,8 km from Corfu Mare Hotel
  • 2,8 km from Mon Repos Palace
  • 240 km from St. Spyridon Church
  • 10,4 km from Achilleion Palace
  • 4,1 km from Kanoni

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