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Conference Centre

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Our Conference Hall can accommodate up to 60 people in ” Theatre faction”

focusing on:

Business Reports
business meetings
Equipment :

audiovisual equipment
Step and speakers table
Technical assistance
Free wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi)
Laser pointer (by prearrangement)
Wireless microphone
Air conditioning
The Conference Hall has easy access to the Bar, Restaurant and Lounge of the hotel.

Coffee break

In our kitchen, staff understands that breaks during meetings are important and necessary. We provide a sophisticated buffet with a variety of flavors to suit your own unique ideas and needs. Our aim is to offer food based on your taste, whether it is fresh fruit or bites of dark chocolate. You can choose between breakfast buffet with coffee, lunch buffet with appetizers, salads, hot meals, non-alcoholic beer, water and natural juice, fresh fruit, pastries and coffee.

Conference Buffet

You can select food and beverage services, dinners or cocktail in our garden. Make your every event special, with either simple or typical buffet that your guests will certainly enjoy. We can propose special decorators, decorations with flowers and photographers. We offer services like renting a private plane, car, yacht or a bike. For your convenience, please inform us 24 hours earlier. We work with companies that offer our customers truly unique services. We will be happy to plan the cost of the menu based on your needs. We can propose special dietary meals (vegetarian, gluten-free) discussing the extra cost for some dietary needs.

Decor and Flowers

The floral arrangements can create a special atmosphere for your event. We use always beautiful, fresh flowers that reflect the nature of your business.


The photographer is not just one person taking photos. It is the ”professional eye” that captures an event, a feeling, a place or a person.

Videoconferencing services

The usual way of communication now gives way to the conference call. We will be happy to help you test our equipment in order to make sure that everything will run smoothly.

Booking conditions and procedures

When booking a Conference Room, you sign a contract 1-2 weeks before the realization of the event. In exceptional cases and on request exceptions can be made with a minimum update interval of 4 days before the event and always subject to availability. Please contact the management of the hotel in order to decide what services are feasible and will certainly make every effort to meet your suggestions. At the time of booking it is required a deposit of 30% of the total food supply. The deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation without notice and payment will be made in accordance with the terms of the contract. Failing a designated time will have no additional charge.

Total participants

The charge is due to the default or actual number of participants. Additional participants will be declared 24 hours before the start of the event subject to the possibility of the Directorate of the Hotel to arrange the changes with the appropriate fee.

Terms of cancellation

No cancellation fees 5 business days before the scheduled date of the event. At the same time, changes in the menu will be made when they are feasible. We understand that some last minute cancellations are inevitable. In such cases the management of the hotel will work with you to minimize the charge.

Food Weekend and Evening

The Food during weekend or Dinner held at the pre-booking.